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Our Products

My Chocolate Sunflower Our products are predominantly, although not exclusively, made of chocolate. Any dessert with chocolate is under consideration for inclusion in the menu. Some are doused in chocolate appealing to the sincere chocoholic when nothing else will do. There are others with a delicate chocolate accent. We provide an array of desserts to appeal to a variety of taste passions, preferences and dietary restrictions. Everything is freshly made to order. My Chocolate Sunflower never uses boxes, bags, or pre-made mixes of any kind - ever! We chop our own chocolate, as well as sift our own flour, sugar and cocoa.

We are now offering Chocolate Gift Baskets!  Instead of filler and frill, we offer baskets that are brimming with goodies.  These can include a bottle of wine, packages of cookies, brownies, truffles, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered marshmallows, nut clusters, nut brittle and cake slices.  They make a welcome gift for any occasion, especially Valentine's Day. 

We also offer Strawberry and Pretzel Platter now too.

Gift Ideas
Tray Size
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Combination Platter
Single Selection
2 types of cookies
Chocolate Theme Platters: (Ideal for corporate and holiday gifts)
16" double layer
These are available in color with standard chocolate or one color with premium chocolate.

Special Needs
My Chocolate Sunflower Accomodations are made for the diabetic, low-fat, carb-conscious, nut-free and gluten -free customers. There is a growing number of items that are made with only gluten-free ingredients. Nevertheless, taste and freshness are never compromised. A frequent comment from people who do not have these dietary restrictions is that they cannot believe it is sugar-free or gluten-free.

Our Future
My Chocolate Sunflower We are constantly searching out and taste testing new recipes in hopes of continuously providing our customers with new and exciting meal finales and snacks.

Gift Ideas

Check out our Passover menu.  Why pay high prices for mediocre(at best) desserts when you can have fresh gourmet delicacies for your holiday table?  Let us be your one-stop shopping source for all your dessert needs.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Passover. 

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Whatever the message, let chocolate do the talking. From "I love you" to "Thank you for a great job" to "Just thinking of you", chocolate is always in season and a welcome gift idea.
Chocolate Platters
Say "Happy Holidays" to you dentist, hairdresser or the big sports fan on your list.
Imagine a tray of cupcakes with chocolate dollar signs and "thank you's" on top as the perfect way to express gratitude for your top salesperson, or a holiday thank you for your financial advisor, banker, or a friend who just earned a promotion.
These are always a welcome treat and come in a variety of flavors such as amaretto, butterscotch, black forest, raspberry and caramel apple, just to name a few.
Cheesecakes For cheesecake lovers, this is the ultimate treat. Whether you send a classic New York cheescake or one with a more exotic flavor, your sentiment will be most appreciated. Such examples include peach, eggnog nutmeg rum chesecake, chocolate mint cheesecake, and chocolate cheesecake with dark and white chocolate chunks. This is just a smattering of what is possible!